Nc State Football’s Kentavius Street Doesn’t Think His 700

6 Aug 2019.

Robert Saleh went insofar to say in his press conference Thursday.

Nbd just @ PackFootball's Kentavius Street putting up 700 lbs.

I went ahead and grabbed another video from NC State on Street doing another 700 lb lift.

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While 49ers rookie Kentavius Street is finally making his practice debut, cornerback Richard Sherman is gearing up for Sunday's rematch with.

Kentavius Street squats 700 lbs.18 May 2018.

N.C. State head coach Dave Doeren believes the 49ers faith in the.

Video of Kentavius Street's 700-pound squat put the defensive.

"To be honest, he probably could have had more weight on his back.

I think the 49ers are getting a heck of a deal there for where he was.

He's got a high football IQ.

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up with his teammates chanting and jumping around him, NC State's defensive end Kentavius Street braces himself before squatting a whopping 700 pounds.