Bitcoin Continues March To Mainstream At St Petersburg Bowl Game

Stocks Crash! Will Bitcoin fall with it?The 2014 St. Petersburg Bowl, the seventh edition of the annual game, was a college football bowl game that was played on December 26, 2014 at Tropicana .

Bitcoin Continues March to Mainstream at St Petersburg Bowl Game 27 Dec 2014 6 min read 4 667 If BitPay’s decision to promote bitcoin through a college football playoff seemed bizarre or peculiar at times, the event ultimately succeeded.

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Bitcoin Continues March to Mainstream at St Petersburg Bowl Game.

The annual postseason college football game played in St. Petersburg, Florida will for the next four years be known as the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl as part of a.

28/12/2014  · Here enters Bitcoin St Petersburg Bowl, a strategic move by BitPay to promote Bitcoin over a college football match. BitPay entered into a partnship with ESPN events to offer new ways for the.

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BitPay hopes the road to mainstream bitcoin use includes a stop in Florida. The bitcoin processor this year is serving as the lead sponsor for the St. Petersburg Bowl, a college football postseason game the city hosts at Tropicana Field. And with five weeks until gameday, BitPay wants to turn the city into a bitcoin haven before the opening.

27 Dec 2014.

The BitPay-sponsored Bitcoin St Petersburg Bowl was bitcoin's biggest public event yet, but did it reach new consumers?