Are Repos Signaling A Massive Bond Short Ahead Of Payrolls?


19 Apr 2020.

Week ahead – Lockdown easing spurs optimism.

functioning of key funding markets, alongside constant bond offering.

This will be a huge week for the earnings season.

to cut rates next week by 50 basis points, taking the repo rate to 9.25%.

The SP500 signals cleared up – And they lean bullish.

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as American companies slash payrolls at an unprecedented rate.

10 Mar 2020.

South Korea is set to introduce new measures to limit short-selling of equities after the.

impact from the Covid-19 outbreak, including a possible payroll tax cut .

central bank raised its main repo rate by a quarter percentage point to.

BlackRock is about to start buying billions of dollars in corporate bonds for the Fed, reflecting the firm’s rise to.

Markets rallied last week, apparently on optimism over the reopening of the economy. The economic calendar will once again.

24 Feb 2020.

Surprisingly, other asset classes such as bonds, gold and dollar also seem to.

than short-term rates, reflects a healthy economy, signalling higher demand.

cuts and repo operations, as low-end rates dropped from 2% to 1.55%.

of four coincident indicators: non-farm payrolls, industrial production, real.

14 Jan 2020.

Early warning signals for debt sustainability and repayment have begun.

Massive shortfall in tax revenues mean that the only engine of growth today,

have relaxed short term bond yields, but the long-term yields have surged,

bring people back and is looking at largely 25% attendance going forward.

growth and inflation, reducing the need for the Fed to raise short-term rates as.

Overnight reverse repurchase agreements are part of the new playbook. We.

The forces anchoring bond yields lower are here to stay—and their effects.

payrolls (the largest component of our index) have been.

get ahead of the Fed sales.

Thanks to record low rates and QE, not to mention increased haven demand, gold has managed to retain most of its recent gains.

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1 Dec 2019.

accurate signals from the economy remained more challenging for the ECB than.

But, crucially, the Governing Council put forward the new concept of a “policy.

In short, in the pre-crisis era, it seems that the ECB's price stability framework.

as banks would use the funds to bid at sovereign bond auctions.