The short answer is that createmultisig basically just combines the inputs and then outputs the constructed MultiSig (ie. redeemscript and address.

That's because createmultisig is actually creating a totally new type of address called a P2SH address. It works exactly like a standard P2PKH address for sending.

Waves Smart Contracts: Create Multi Sig Account via Waves IDE toolsReference¬∂. Find technical details and API documentation. Introduction · Block Chain · Transactions · Wallets · P2P Network · RPC API Reference. Support.

createmultisig nrequired ["key",

] ( "address_type" ) Creates a multi-signature address with n signature of m keys required. It returns a json object with the.

14 Feb 2015.

createmultisig creates a P2SH multisig address for use in raw transactions. It outputs the redeem script because you'll need that to spend any.

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